Saltwater Fishing

Legendary Alaska saltwater fishing

… where big sky meets big fish. Whether its fighting a big King Salmon, or holding on to an angry Silver Salmon at the end of your line, you will leave Saltery Lodge with many great memories of Alaska saltwater fishing. Aboard our world class charter vessels, Linnaea and Jasmine, you will fish in great style and luxury. We enjoy teaching you how to fish as well, making the Alaska saltwater fishing experience much more rewarding for you.

For saltwater fishing, we fish for King Salmon, Silver Salmon, Pink Salmon, Halibut, and other bottom fish. Halibut are good all summer in southeast Alaska. King Salmon run from late May through June. Pink Salmon peak from July to August. Silver Salmon start in July and actually peak in September in our area. We will also let you work crab and shrimp pots so you can enjoy them that evening on the dinner table!

Our lodge has two incredible boats that we fish from. Each has its own strengths and depending on the situation, we may take one or the other. Both boats feature complete walk-around decks which let you get to where the action is quickly and without windows or walls blocking your vision. They also have front viewing decks which will let you view the action from the front of the boat, where the wildlife viewing typically happens.

Both boats have a lot of horsepower to push them through the water (1,000hp and 700hp!), and both feature advanced safety gear that goes well beyond typical charter boats including EPIRBs and life rafts. Twin engines on both boats insuring a certain level of additional safety. State of the art electronics and fish finders let you see the fish that are beneath you!