Only in Alaska

Bringing my family back to the lodge for the holidays is sometimes a real adventure. Last year we had our chains on driving through iced up roads on I-5 near Seattle, watching cars go into ditches and trucks jackknife.

This year was less adventurous as far as travel goes, but only four hours after arriving in Alaska we were treated to a nature show that Alaska is famous for. On the boat ride out to the lodge, in 28 degree weather, we came across two humpback whales feeding at the surface. The were surface feeding and not bubble feeding, this time.

The two whales would swim together and then roll to their sides and open their gigantic mouths and gulp in large amounts of food which I assume was krill, since I didn’t see herring jumping out of their mouths and the seagulls weren’t too interested.

What was really neat about it was the fact that while they were swimming on their sides, their tail fluke looked like a vertical fin, much like a killer whale’s. They were happy enough around us and continued with their feeding. My two girls and my wife enjoyed them thoroughly.

Only in Alaska can you leave behind the paved roads, stop lights, and traffic jams and enjoy a nature show such as this.