Fully Guided Fishing

Guided Fishing is available in our Platinum Package and our exclusive Diamond Package.

Legendary Alaska fishing… there are not many feelings that beat that of a large fighting fish at the end of your rod. Here at Saltery Lodge in Ketchikan, Alaska you will experience that feeling over and over again! Aboard our world class charter vessels, Linnaea and Jasmine, your seasoned professional Captain will make your southeast Alaska fishing experience memorable. We enjoy teaching you how to fish as well, making the experience much more rewarding for you.

For saltwater Alaska fishing, we fish for King Salmon, Silver Salmon, Pink Salmon, Halibut, and other bottom fish. Halibut fishing is good all summer in southeast Alaska. King Salmon run from late May through June. The Pink Salmon peak from July to mid September. The Silver Salmon start in July and actually peak in September in our area. We will also let you work crab and shrimp pots so you can enjoy them that evening on the dinner table!

If fresh water Alaska fishing is your game, we can arrange for guided or unguided fresh water trips. We operate under a US Forest Service Special Use Permit. If you choose to go unguided, the Naha River system is a world class southeast Alaska fishing stream containing salmon and trout and is only a short distance from the lodge.


Our lodge has two incredible boats that we fish from. Each has its own strengths and depending on the situation, we may take one or the other.

Linnaea features a complete walk-around decks which let you get to where the action is quickly and without windows or walls blocking your vision. She also has a front viewing deck which will let you view the action from the front of the boat, where the wildlife viewing typically happens.

Both boats have a lot of horsepower to push them through the water and both feature advanced safety gear that goes well beyond typical charter boats including EPIRBs and life rafts. Twin engines on both boats adding a certain level of additional safety. State of the art electronics and fish finders let you see the fish that are beneath you!

Teach a Man to Fish

One of the philosophies we have here is that you will have a much more memorable time if we let you get hands on with the fishing and activities. Most Alaska fishing charter operations will bait your hooks, attach down rigger clips, lower it into the water, watch the strike, set the hook, and then hand you the rod. To us, that can feel a little hollow. Your Alaska fishing trip should be more than just counting fishing boxes. We encourage and will let you do much more, as long as it is safe.

Now you may lose a few more fish with this method, there may be a few backlashed reels, and missed hookups, but we feel that the fish you do bring in will be very rewarding and taste much better on the barbecue when you do it yourself.

Now, with this being said, we will still be happy to do as much as you would like to help you catch that fish of a lifetime!


Our captains are hand-picked by your host, Joe Paul. They are US Coast Guard licensed, and chosen for their experience, their safety level, their fishing ability, and their people skills. In some cases, Joe Paul himself may be guiding your trip, depending on how many boats we will be taking out. We want you to have a great time during your trip and understand that your experience on the water is a big part of that. We ask you every day how things are going and will make adjustments to fix anything that is not to your satisfaction.

More than Fishing

There are many other things to do out on the water other than just fishing. You can set Dungeness crab and shrimp pots to later enjoy their bounty on the dinner table. We can land the boat at a beach under our US Forest Service Special Use Permit and let you do some beach combing and hiking around streams and waterfalls. If you would like, we can just cruise the boat, looking for whales, sea lions, bears or even deer swimming from island to island. Or we can feed the eagles by throwing herring in the water and watching them swoop down and grab it.

Compare to Others

If you book the lodge exclusively with our Diamond Package, we have the following advantages over other Alaska fishing lodges…

  • Vessel Size: The 35 ft Custom built Linnaea and the 28′ “Jasmine” are two beautiful boats. Most other lodges have anything from 16 ft open skiffs (self guided) to 24-26ft vessels. Not very many have heat, and virtually none have an open front deck like Linnaea.
  • Seating: Our vessel comfortably seats 6 + crew. Other lodges fish anywhere from two to a boat (self guided) to four plus a skipper. Fewer boats fish six comfortably.
  • Hands On: We let you do as much of the fishing as you would like. We show you how to catch fish. Some other lodges are self guided where you figure it out for yourself. Others are fully guided where you get handed a rod with a fish on the end.
  • In Control: You are in control of your timetable and itinerary. Want to sleep in a little? Want to go exploring the beach for a while? At some other Alaska fishing lodges, you will share a boat with others, so you have less control of your schedule.
  • Hosted: At Saltery Lodge, the Manager/Host is your skipper.