Fine Dining

Your Alaska dining experience at Saltery Lodge is just as important to us as any other part of your Alaskan vacation. Your personal chef is trained and ready to serve you with a variety of meals, each tailored to your tastes.

We know that when you are done fishing, you are going to be hungry! Don’t let the fine restaurant quality presentation worry you, we make sure the portions are “Alaska” sized!

The kitchen is open to the dining room, and you will get to watch your professional chef preparing and plating your meals for you. Our chef loves to talk food and share that knowledge with you. The smells emanating from the kitchen and into the dining and great room will make your mouth water with expectation.


One of the most important meals of the day is breakfast. We will make sure breakfast will fill you up for a day full of activities. Each day will have a different breakfast experience. One day might serve the traditional bacon and eggs while the next might be hot crêpes with orange caramel and fresh whipped cream. A selection of fruit juices and milk as well as coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, or espresso made to order will be available.


Depending on the activities planned for the day, lunch will either be a sack lunch taken with you on your excursion, or a sit down lunch in our dining room. Gourmet sandwiches are the usual fare.


Your dinner will be personally prepared, plated, and served to you by our chef. Dinners will mainly be served at our large dining table in the dining room. It will start with soup, salad or an appetizer, and will end with a scrumptious homemade dessert.


All the desserts are hand made by our chef. Some examples of desserts are homemade ice cream, seasonal fruit sorbet, cheese cake, and chocolate hazelnut mousse torte.

Out of the Ordinary

At Saltery Lodge, we do things that other lodges don’t do. Weather dependent, you might pull your crab and shrimp pots, and our chef will cook the dinner right on beach near the bonfire, enjoying sunset views and great company.

Or you can choose to take your fresh caught salmon or halibut and have our chef cook it for you that evening. It doesn’t get any fresher than that! Alaska Dining at its best.