Boat Policy & Linnaea


For our Platinum Package and our Diamond Package, We have two of the nicest charter boats in southeast Alaska. Both the Linnaea and Jasmine are fisherman’s dreams and more than able to get you on the fish in style and comfort. Each boat has its strengths and we will decide on a case by case basis which boat is a better fit for a particular situation. Other factors such as break-downs are always a consideration, and we may sub charter with other highly respected boats in the area if that occurs, at our expense. If you have strong feelings one way or the other, please let us know.


Saltery Lodge has two wonderful fishing vessels able to take you out on excursions. The Linnaea is arguably one of the fastest charter vessels in southeast Alaska. With a top speed of over 50 MPH, she can get you to the good grounds in a hurry! Designed and built by Cold Water Boats in Washington state, this boat is a fisherman’s dream. A huge back deck gives you plenty of room to fish, while the warm heated cabin and the enclosed head give you comfort while out to sea.

Cold Water Boats has been making boats for decades now, and it shows. From their roots as commercial fisherman, Bruce and his family run business know what it takes to make a boat that fishes well, is strong, and looks tremendous. This boat gets many oohs and ahhs from people when it is parked at the dock and for good reason. The multiple curves that Cold Water has welded into this boat (which are very hard to do), give it a unique and sexy shape, yet also make it strong. When they committed to building this boat, they had a very short window to complete it and they started working overtime from the first day. They delivered on time and on budget and the love and care they put into this boat is evident!

Why is this boat the Cadillac of charter boats?

  • Size: 35′ length is really big for a charter boat. Most are much smaller.
  • Speed: This boat cruises at 30-40MPH efficiently and goes up to 54 MPH (not efficiently 🙂 This is quite a bit faster than most other charter boats.
  • Deep V style: This boat is able to handle larger waves with ease and minimum pounding.
  • Horsepower: This boat has 700 HP of Yamaha’s new outboard motors. That’s a lot of power!
  • Comfortable Cabin: The cabin can seat 6 people plus the captain comfortably. There is a furnace which keeps everyone nice and cozy as well.
  • Walk Around Cabin: You can get from the back deck to the front deck without going through the middle of the cabin. This lets you take in the sights, unobstructed from windows no matter where they occur.
  • Front Deck: The boat has a front deck so you can watch the whales from the front, or even fish from the front. This gives the boat more apparent space than other charter boats.
  • Safety: There is plenty of safety gear on the vessel including Coast Guard rating for chartering, life raft, EPIRB, life jackets and fire extinguishers on the vessel.