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Smart Lodge

Because we are off the road system, we are also "off grid". We make our own power, water, and communication (internet, phone). We have a 30kw diesel generator connected to batteries to supply power to the lodge. The generator is in a room inside a building and has hospital grade mufflers to keep it very quiet. With the batteries, we are able to turn the generator off at night to turn off the noise from the already quiet generator. We are in the process of permitting a hydro generator to capture energy from the waterfall which will completely alleviate the need to run the generator.

Our water is collected from our roof (Ketchikan gets a lot of rain). It is passed through a 5 micron particle filter, then ultra violet light before it ever makes it to the house. Drinking water is additionally filtered through carbon and other filters.

Our high speed internet and telephone is transferred from an antenna 1600 ft from the house to a receiver antenna 11 miles away in Ketchikan.

The house is a "smart" house. There is over five miles of low voltage control wire that runs through the house. All the lights are computer controlled, door sensors, alarm sensors, heat sensors, etc. A computer keeps the house running efficiently at all times as well as lowering its power consumption.


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