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Halibut Fishing Alaska

For a true halibut fishing Alaska experience, come to Saltery Lodge. Our professional, family friendly and Coast Guard certified captains will guide you to the halibut hot spots and teach you the best methods to use to reel in your trophy and/or dinner. When you are not fishing, you can go wildlife watching, exploring the lodge's 62-acre property or shopping in nearby Ketchikan. If you bring your children along, you can rest assured that our boat captains and other staff members will look after their safety and do what they can to keep them entertained.

If you are looking for a halibut fishing trip that the whole family can enjoy, you've come to the right place. Saltery Lodge is a truly unique fishing resort. We are small, with only four bedrooms, we can give you the personalized attention and service that most of the other halibut fishing Alaska resorts can't. Many anglers come to The Last Frontier for halibut fishing Alaska outings, but when you come to Saltery Lodge, you can also fish the nearby freshwater fishing opportunities. The halibut fishing Alaska experience at our lodge includes kid friendly boat captains, free fishing advice and some of the most fabulous shorelines in the world.

What halibut fishing Alaska experience would be complete without bringing your catch of the day to your personal chef to prepare. That's about as fresh as seafood is ever gonna get! Our elegant dining also includes Alaska-sized portions for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Then, just when you think it couldn't get any better, you are presented with our hand-made desserts.

You might be thinking that all fishing resorts are the same when it comes to the halibut fishing Alaska experience. If you choose Saltery Lodge for your halibut fishing Alaska experience, we are confident that you will change your mind. Our approach to the halibut fishing Alaska experience is to provide families or other small groups a number of options both on and off the water. There is something for everyone at Saltery Lodge. You can take a lazy stroll through our 62 acres of wilderness, hang out in our luxurious Great Room or take in the nearby 40-foot waterfall.

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