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Fishing Trip Alaska

In order to provide you with an original fishing trip Alaska experience, Saltery Lodge professional, seasoned guides, who are experts not only at fishing, but also at making sure the outing is fun for everyone. When you're not hauling in salmon and halibut, you can hang out by the fireplace in our Great Room, wander about in our 62 acres of pristine wilderness or take a nap in your warm and cozy guest room. Our private and exclusive resort can only be reached by seaplane or boat, thereby enhancing your fishing trip Alaska experience. You can take advantage of our exclusive bookings procedure and book the entire lodge for a group of about 6 to 8 people or choose our mixed bookings offer if you have a smaller group.

Your fishing trip Alaska experience at Saltery Lodge comes complete with veteran guides, who are also U.S. Coast Guard certified captains. Alaska's amazing saltwater fishing opportunities are legendary and here at our lodge, you can add freshwater angling to your fishing trip Alaska experience to-do list. Salmon, halibut and other rockfish are what you'll likely catch on the ocean, while trout and salmon are the main targets on the freshwater rivers and lakes. A fishing trip Alaska experience at our resort can also include setting Dungeness crab and shrimp posts to add to your seafood feast later on that day.

Fine dining is something you might not think of while planning your fishing trip Alaska experience. However, when you stay at Saltery Lodge, you will be treated to private gourmet meals prepared especially for you by your personal chef. You can eat in the dining room or outside on our large deck, which looks out to the bay. We can also set you up with a dinner cruise.

One of the best aspects of a fishing trip Alaska experience is that you are free to design your own experience. Here at Saltery Lodge, part of that experience will include a relaxing in one of our four luxurious guest rooms. The Master suite is 1,000 square feet and gives you a king-sized bed with breathtaking panoramic views of the ocean. In the other three bedrooms you will have the choice to configure them with one queen-sized or two twin beds.

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