Finally, I have finished the video describing in full detail our experiences hand feeding hummingbirds in Alaska.  Were it not for a little hummingbird I called “Rufous,” these pictures never would have happened.  Thanks Rufous! 

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Here is the video.  I sent it to YouTube in high definition, so if you have the bandwidth, make sure are playing the bottom one and it is playing at “720”,  If you find that it stutters too badly, You may have to play the top one.  I suggest playing the video in full screen by clicking the 4 Arrow button in the lower right, if your computer can handle it.


Low Res Version


High Def Version

Hand feeding these hummingbirds is not really that difficult.  It just takes some patience.  If you want to try and feed these little guys, then wait until they are swarming around your hummingbird feeder.  This is usually in the early morning or late evening.  Then simply remove the hummingbird feeder and hold your hand with nectar in it out for the hummingbirds.  Hold really, really still.  It also helps to break up your human outline by standing next to a post or using something to break it up.

You too can feed the hummingbirds!  What an experience!