I needed to get some good footage of some the bears that were frequenting our stream here on the property.  So I packed my camera and approached a spot that the bears had been using to catch salmon.  I approached from the downwind side and snuck up on a sow bear with two cubs.

I had the pleasure of watching them fish for salmon without them knowing I was there.  The sow would catch the salmon then bring it back for her cubs to eat.

What A thrill.  I hope you like the video.

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Here is the video.  I sent it to YouTube in high definition, so if you have the bandwidth, make sure are playing the bottom one and it is playing at “720”,  If you find that it stutters too badly, You may have to play the top one.  I suggest playing the video in full screen by clicking the 4 Arrow button in the lower right, if your computer can handle it.

Low Res Version


High Def Version