Scott holding a beautiful rainbow trout.

Scott holding a beautiful rainbow trout.

Scott Kemp is the owner of Saltery Lodge along with his wife Angela.  As the owner of Saltery Lodge, he is passionate about making sure your stay at the lodge is perfect in every way.  Scott and his wife Angela were the general contractors at the lodge and spent four long and hard years building this project off the road system in a city that is also off the road system.  Now that it is complete, we invite you to come and visit Saltery Lodge, and experience the wonder of Alaska.

Scott is a third generation Alaskan. His grandparents lived in Ketchikan in the 1950s until they moved to Juneau. His mother and father lived in Ketchikan until the 1980’s and 1990’s. He moved to Juneau in 1986 and graduated high school there in 1988. After high school, he moved to Corvallis, to follow his future wife to Oregon State University, where they have made a home and a family there.

Angela grew up in Portland, Oregon but moved to Juneau, Alaska when her father, who worked for the Forest Service, was transferred in 1983. Scott met her during her senior year. She went to Oregon State University, where her grandmother and father had obtained degrees and during college.

Scott has many hobbies including computers (He designed and programmed the web site, art (He did all the art work for the web site as well), and photography (All the photographs are his own).  He also enjoys fishing, of course, as well as hunting with his two girls in Oregon, where they live in the off-season.  He also is a music composer and enjoys sitting in front of a piano and playing inspirational music.

He and his wife started and continue to own a successful software business in Corvallis, Oregon that creates flight simulators for model airplanes.  The software is called RealFlight and is available online and at your local hobby store.  It is currently run by Jim Bourke, which lets Scott focus on the Alaskan lodge.

He has multiple online social networks, including a presence on facebook ( and LinkedIn (  You can also contact him via email as well as other options by going to

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