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Stalking Bears at Saltery Lodge

I needed to get some good footage of some the bears that were frequenting our stream here on the property.  So I packed my camera and approached a spot that the bears had been using to catch salmon.  I approached from the downwind side and snuck up on a sow bear with two cubs.

I had the pleasure of watching them fish for salmon without them knowing I was there.  The sow would catch the salmon then bring it back for her cubs to eat.

What A thrill.  I hope you like the video.


Taming the Alaskan Hummingbird – The Story Behind “The Shot”

Finally, I have finished the video describing in full detail our experiences hand feeding hummingbirds in Alaska.  Were it not for a little hummingbird I called “Rufous,” these pictures never would have happened.  Thanks Rufous! 

Would you like to feed the hummingbirds? Check out our Ketchikan Tours available for cruise ship passengers at our lodge!

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Hand Feeding Hummingbirds in Alaska

We get a lot of hummingbirds in June at Saltery Lodge.  If you have ever had a humming bird feeder, you know how much fun they are to watch.  This evening, it was particularly interesting. There was an adult male hummingbird that claimed the feeder for himself. This was not unusual by itself, as there is definitely a pecking order at the feeder.  But what made this unique was the fact that he claimed it for a couple hours!

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Amazing Milkyway Galaxy Panoramic Photo

Check out an amazing 360 degree full spherical panoramic image that is over 120 mega pixels!  Zoom and rotate all the way around and even find the Andromedia galaxy which is one of only a couple galaxies visible to the naked eye.

See it here at our Night Photography page.

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