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Alaska Vacation Packages

Saltery Lodge offers some great Alaska vacation packages. A high end lodge off the road system near Ketchikan, Alaska, we are unique because of our excursions, fishing, dining, and our luxurious lodge. Our Alaska vacation packages specialize in accommodating an exclusive group. But we also have packages for smaller mixed groups. Either way, we will go out of our way to make sure your stay is one of a lifetime.

Our 62 acres off the road system is the perfect backdrop for our Alaska vacation packages. Our exclusive lodge was built to provide small groups a elegant stay. Our chef and hosts look forward to making this one of the best Alaska vacation packages available.

Fishing is an important part of all Alaska vacation packages. With Saltery Lodge, we have that covered. Our large fishing vessels, "Linnaea" and "Jasmine", are a step above most other charter fishing vessels. At over 40' and 35', these vessels glides through waves that would make other boats rattle and shake. Perfect for getting to the good salmon fishing and halibut fishing.

If freshwater fishing needs to be a part of your Alaska vacation packages, we can also accommodate you as well. We can also do extra things such as setting crab pots and shrimp pots, which is great for the kids.

Fine dining is an important part of your stay here at Saltery Lodge. We hand picked our chef to have the perfect combination of skill, presentation, and an outgoing personality. Other Alaska vacation packages have the chef hidden in the back room, while our open kitchen lets you fully enjoy watching a master at work. He loves to talk food and would be happy to share his secrets in making our gourmet dinners.

We also do things out of the ordinary. We can take dinner cruises or we can even cook your fresh caught salmon that night for dinner on cedar planks.

We want our Alaska vacation packages to be among the best available. We will go out of our way to make sure you experience the best Alaska has to offer. From wildlife watching to kayaking to hiking around our history property, we will give you experiences other lodges simply cannot. We would love to talk with you about our Alaska vacation packages, so contact us today!

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