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Luxury Alaska Resorts

When choosing among luxury Alaska Resorts, Saltery Lodge should be high on your list. We are a different from your average resort. When you think of other luxury Alaska Resorts, you probably think of a large facility with hundreds of rooms. Saltery Lodge is a small, high end resort that books either exclusively to a single group, or is also able to take mixed groups on select dates. With a max capacity of eight, you will get an intimate experience and personal attention unrivaled by other luxury Alaska resorts. Just because it is small, doesn't mean it is not unbelievable. We spared no expense in creating the resort.

Luxury Alaska resorts should include private bathrooms, private chef, customized itinerary, and knowledgeable hosts. Saltery Lodge does this and more. Experience and live the Alaska you had read about including great fishing, wildlife watching and relaxation in a high end resort.

As with other Alaska Resorts, we offer great Alaska fishing. Whether it's salt water fishing or fresh water fishing, we have you covered. We fish for a variety species including salmon, halibut, trout, dungeness crab, and shrimp. Our vessels are the 35' "Linnaea" and the 28' "Jasmine". Two of the nicest sport fishing vessels in Southeast Alaska.

Our captains, including your own USCG licensed host, will get you on the fish and make sure your family has a fun time on the water. We also want to get you close to wildlife, getting you pictures of dear, bear, and whales, making a memorable trip for all.

You expect luxury Alaska Resorts to offer fine dining, and Saltery Lodge certainly achieves this. Our personal chef strives to make every creation magnificent to the palette and to the eyes. With over fourteen dinner selections, you can create a dining experience that will make you feel like you're in an outstanding dining restaurant. Rare among other Alaska resorts, you can even choose to have your catch cooked fresh for you that evening. It doesn't get any fresher than that! If you book the resort exclusively, dinner cruises and other unique dining experiences are possible as well.

There are many other Alaska luxury resorts available, but we feel Saltery Lodge will provide you an ideal experience, unmatched by others. Compare us to other Alaska resorts and then call us today so we can talk about your perfect Alaska resort vacation.

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