A letter from the owner, Scott Kemp and his family...
Scott Kemp Greetings! My name is Scott Kemp and my wife Angela and I are the owners of Saltery Lodge.

I am very excited about the lodge and the area and would love to let you experience a taste of what we get to enjoy all summer. We are blessed to be able to own the Saltery Lodge and would like to let you leave here feeling that you had a magnificent experience.

We feel that our experiences in Alaska and our enthusiasm will leave you with the desire to return the next year.

I am actually a third generation Alaskan. My grandparents lived in Ketchikan in the 1950s until they moved to Juneau. My mother and father lived in Ketchikan until the 1980's and 1990's. I moved to Juneau in 1986 and graduated high school there in 1988. After high school, I moved to Corvallis, to follow my future wife to Oregon State University, where we have made a home and a family there.

Angela and I started a software business making flight simulators in 1997, and it has grown successfully, allowing us to create a summer lodge in Ketchikan and give back to the kids what I had growing up in Ketchikan, mainly a sense of wilderness, fishing, and being on the water in God's country.

I have my USCG Master's license and help out occasionally with the skippering duties.

Angela grew up in Portland, Oregon but moved to Juneau, Alaska when her father, who worked for the Forest Service, was transferred in 1983. I met her during her senior year. She went to Oregon State University, where her grandmother and father had obtained degrees and during college, we got married. She graduated with a degree in business.

She helped me start our software company in 1997 and worked there until 2005, when we started constructing the lodge in Alaska.

Our entire family now spends our summers in Alaska, enjoying the peace and scenery, spending time with family, and sharing our experiences with you. We look forward to another great summer in Alaska and hope that you will be joining us!

Scott Kemp
Owner/Host, Saltery Lodge


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