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Alaska Holiday

We welcome our neighbors from outside the U.S. to spend their Alaska holiday with us at the Saltery Lodge. We have travelled to Britain, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, France, and Mexico as well as other countries, and we want to return the hospitality to you. Your all inclusive Alaska Holiday will include everything from meals cooked by your private chef to fishing on our fishing vessel. If you ever wanted an Alaska holiday in the great state of Alaska, then Saltery Lodge is a perfect choice for you. Since we only book the lodge to a single group of people, our entire staff will be solely focused on making sure you are comfortable and having an Alaska holiday of a lifetime.

Getting to the Saltery Lodge is easy. First you need to get to Seattle, Washington. Then, Alaska Airlines has multiple flights per day that will get you to Ketchikan, Alaska and your Alaska holiday. We'll take it from there and get you out to the lodge by boat. Exclusive Float Plane charters are available, as an upgraded option, to fly you from the Ketchikan Airport right to our dock. We are here to help if you need assistance with your travel arrangements.

One of the primary reasons people take an Alaska holiday is for the great fishing. We have two outstanding boats, a 35 foot fishing vessel "Linnaea" and a 28 foot vessel "Jasmine" which are part of your stay here at Saltery Lodge. Your manager and host, Joe Paul, is a 20 year licensed USCG captain and has fished Alaska waters from Bristol Bay to Ketchikan. He knows where to take you for the great fishing and sightseeing on your Alaska holiday. Most of the fishing in our area is for salmon and halibut but we also target other bottom fish and trout. Once you're on the boat, there are more things to do than just fish on your Alaska holiday. We can take you to amazing areas where there are good chances to see bears, eagles, seals, and other wildlife.

Your Alaska holiday includes having your meals prepared by our private chef. She has a wide variety of dinner menus available, so you're sure to find something that is to your fancy. If you have special dietary needs, we can accommodate you as well. Trained in many types of cuisines, she can make sure your dining is top notch during your Alaska holiday.

You can choose to eat inside our tremendous dining room with large windows overlooking the water or even on a dinner cruise on our 40' catamaran.

We look forward to showing you the hospitality that Alaska is famous for. We pride ourselves on being able to cater an Alaska holiday experience to the desires of our guests. There are many experiences to be had, and our entire staff and your hosts will be focused solely on you. Each day you can choose fishing, wildlife sightseeing, touring our historic town, going for a cruise on our boat or just sitting in our comfortable chairs, reading a book by the fire.

We will make your Alaska holiday an experience your group will not soon forget!

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