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Alaska Fishing Vacation

If you're looking for a great Alaska fishing vacation, your should consider Saltery Lodge in Alaska. Why Saltery Lodge? Because we offer an intimate, upscale lodge where we will go out of our way to make your Alaska fishing vacation memorable. Our lodge is a high end lodge that focuses on exclusive bookings, yet we also have some mixed bookings available for this year as well. Here is how we are different from another Alaska fishing vacation. First we have remarkable fishing vessels such as "Linnaea" and "Jasmine", which are two of the nicest in the fleet. Secondly, we offer a high-end lodge that is off the road system, yet wonderfully decorated. Thirdly, we do things other lodges wont do. Such as dinner cruises, bear watching, touring town, etc. And Lastly, since we are small, and especially if you book exclusively, we will be extra attentive to your needs and go our of our way to make your Alaska fishing vacation the best ever.

Fishing at Saltery Lodge takes on a whole new meaning. Aboard our vessels, you will truly know what a high-end Alaska fishing vacation is all about. These custom built aluminum vessels gives new meaning to fishing in comfort, and adds something special to your Alaska fishing vacation.. We know where to take the boat to maximum your fishing chances, and getting to the fishing grounds will not knock your teeth out like smaller vessels will. You host will be your captain, and since he grew up in Ketchikan, knows the great places where you can go to get great fish and see wildlife. We can even set some crab and shrimp pots if you want to enjoy a great feast in the evening.

When you are done with a hard day of fishing, you will enjoy the cuisine of our amazing chef. He knows his trade well and will create culinary delights that will taste amazing and fill you up to the next day of fishing. If you would like, we can even prepare part of your catch from the day, giving you the freshest seafood imaginable. We can also do things like go on dinner cruises, giving you great food and sunset cruising for your Alaska fishing vacation.

We want you to experience most than just fishing for your Alaska fishing vacation, we want to you to enjoy the other gifts Alaska has to offer. For example, you can watch seals playing in the water just outside the lodge window, catching salmon and tossing them in the air. Or you can occasionally see bears and deer walking on our beach. Our south facing view gives you great Alaska sunsets, giving you spectacular views as the sun goes down. We can taking you bear watching, fly fishing, touring town, or just serve you drinks on our deck. We want to make this the best Alaska fishing vacation you have had. Give us a call, let us talk to you about it.

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