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Alaska Family Vacations

When deciding between Alaska Family Vacations, consider the Saltery Lodge in Alaska. The high-end lodge is perfect for the ultimate Alaska all-inclusive vacation. Our lodge can be exclusively booked to a single group, with no other guests to divide our attentions. When looking at Alaska family vacations, we think its best to get off the road system. Being remote adds so much to the Alaskan experience. You can choose to go fishing, boat touring, wildlife watching, touring town, or exploring our 62 acre property. We are very family friendly, as our family owns and runs the lodge. We know how to keep your kids entertained, making us a great choice among Alaska family vacations.

People who are looking for Alaska family vacations usually want to go fishing. We like to fish as well and know how to show everyone a good time. We get everyone involved with fishing and you can choose to do as much or as little as you like. We offer both Alaska saltwater fishing for salmon and halibut and Alaska freshwater fishing for trout and salmon. Your host, Joe Paul, is a licensed USCG captain and he or our other hand-picked captains will be skippering the vessel during your trip. Growing up in Ketchikan gave him a good sense of the sea and the neat places to go on the water. He loves kids and will make this the best among Alaska family vacations!

Since we are all-inclusive, you will be leaving all the cooking and cleaning chores to us during your stay. This is what all Alaska family vacations should offer. We have a dedicated chef that will creating unbelievable meals for your family only. We like to stay flexible at the lodge. If it's a nice day, you can choose to eat outside, or even be served the meal on the boat for a dinner cruise. If you want to have the freshest seafood possible, you can ask our chef to cook your catch that you caught that day.

We want you so leave Saltery Lodge full of memories and excited to come back next year. While the fishing is fun, we also offer much more than that. Alaska family vacations should combine many activities to be successful. We can go beach combing, wildlife watching, sight seeing, hiking, or touring historic Ketchikan. At night, we can build a bonfire and roast marshmallows while you want the sunset right from the beach. Or go inside and play puzzles and games together. We want your vacation to be unsurpassed and we will tailor it to meet your desires. Other Alaska family vacations simply do not let your family experience Alaska in the way that they should.

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