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Boat Photos

Here are some of pictures of boats from our local area.

Getting up early to go fishing around Duke Island south of Ketchikan, Alaska.
Sunrise fishing

Sunset at the Saltery Lodge in southeast Alaska
Barge and Tug caught in the sunset

Pulling up the catch near Neets Bay, Alaska.
Seiner in Alaska.

Fish processor that sucks fish out of seiners nets.  Taken in Neets Bay, Alaska.
Lynda Fish Tender

USCG Cutter Naushon guarding a submarine in Behm Canal near Ketchikan, Alaska.
USCG Cutter Naushon

Taking a load of fish from a seiner in Neets Bay, Alaska.
Lynda receiving salmon from seiner.

USCG Cutter Naushon and Sub
USCG Cutter Naushon and Sub

The Roedda coming into Saltery Lodge with a load of furniture.

A beautiful old vessel in great shape!
Stimson 1914

USCG Cutter Naushon
USCG Cutter Naushon

Roedda coming into our Alaska fishing lodge in Alaska.
The Roedda

USCG Cutter Naushon and Sub
USCG Cutter Naushon and Sub

USCG Naushon sending the skiff to check for documentation.
USCG Naushon

Skiff on the beach in Alaska
Skiff on a Beach

Tugboat in Clover Pass, Alaska.
Tug boat near Alaska.

Steve Axelson bringing furniture out to the lodge in Alaska.
F/V Champion

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