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Alaska Wilderness Lodges

Alaska wilderness lodges aren't all built the same. We at Saltery Lodge believe that enjoying the wilderness doesn't have to mean "roughing it." Here you can go freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing and nature hiking; and after that, enjoy gourmet dining exclusively prepared for you by your personal chef. Remember, there are many Alaska wilderness lodges, but only one as luxurious or pure as Saltery Lodge.

Fishing is obviously the focus of many Alaska wilderness lodges, but we at Saltery Lodge give you exclusive, one-on-one service. Our captains have years of experience as professional fishing guides and are licensed by the U.S. Coast Guard. Salmon, halibut and dungeness crab are our main targets on the ocean and in the sparkling streams of our 62-acre forest, trout and salmon are our primary focus.

Alaska wilderness lodges spend too much effort emphasizing the wilderness part and not nearly enough effort on the lodge part. At Saltery Lodge, we pride ourselves on our elegant dining, a perk you won't find at many other Alaska wilderness lodges. You will have your own personal chef to prepare your breakfasts, lunches and dinners, plus homemade desserts and fresh smoked salmon. Take a dinner cruise, dine out on our outstanding, scenic veranda or have your chef prepare your fresh catch of the day.

Experience The Last Frontier in style at our private lodge, accessible only by boat or float plane. Unlike other Alaska wilderness lodges, Saltery Lodge provides luxury accommodations and creature comforts in an intimate, peaceful setting. Also, we are only about 25 miles from the lovely port city of Ketchikan on our own 62 acres of private forest, a location other Alaska wilderness lodges can only dream about.

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