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Alaska Sport Fishing

Alaska sport fishing is beautiful, and we at Saltery Lodge make it even better. Here you can go saltwater fishing for halibut and salmon and freshwater fishing for trout and even more salmon. And if you get tired reeling in all of those fish, you can take a break from Alaska sport fishing and enjoy some of our other luxurious amenities. Stroll through our 62 acre property, explore the remains of the old cannery that was here before us, unwind on our giant beach and discover the 40-foot waterfall.

The once-in-a-lifetime feeling one gets while on an Alaska sport fishing trip will be difficult for you to put into words when telling everyone about your adventure. We here at Saltery Lodge aim to give you that feeling by providing only seasoned U.S. Coast Guard licensed captains and guides, who not only bring you to the fish, but also strive to ensure everyone has a great time on the water. When you go Alaska sport fishing with us, you will no doubt be impressed by our veteran guides. They will bring you to their hot fishing spots where not only are the fish abundant, but you also have a chance to spot some of The Last Frontier's unsurpassed wildlife.

When you step off the fishing boat after a long day of Alaska sport fishing, you might be able to smell the mouth-watering meal you are about to enjoy. Our world-class chef can personalize your menu to meet your tastes. He or she will also prepare your catch of the day for you so that you can indulge yourself in the freshest seafood feast you can find anywhere. And if you think that seafood is all our chef can prepare, think again. Here at Saltery Lodge, we provide you with a variety of delicious stick-to-your ribs full meals, regardless if it's breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Alaska sport fishing doesn't get much better than our exclusive, private and luxurious lodge. Give yourself the break from the rat race you deserve. Saltery Lodge's location makes for the perfect getaway. There are no roads leading to our lodge; you have to take either a seaplane or a boat. While you are here, you will likely be able to watch seals frolic in the shallows from the warmth and comfort of our Great Room. As you probably know, there are a lot of Alaska sport fishing resorts and outfitters out there; however, very few of them can offer you all of the amenities that we can. Our remote setting, fine dining services and small size set us apart from the rest of the ordinary, run-of-the-mill Alaska sport fishing resorts.

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