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Whether you are researching an Alaska lodge or, really, anything; it's always a good idea to shop around. But once you've compared others to Saltery Lodge, you'll be booking your trip in no time! There are several features that make our Alaska lodge truly unique. We are small, allowing a maximum of only 8 guests a week. This allows us to give you personal, one-on-one service. The professional staff at Saltery Lodge includes U.S. Coast Guard licensed captains as fishing guides and a private chef who can tailor your meals to your specific taste. And if our first-rate guided fishing options and high-end gourmet meals aren't enough to convince you that we're a special Alaska lodge, perhaps our peaceful and serene 62-acre wilderness property will do the trick.

At our Alaska lodge, you have the option to go freshwater fishing as well as saltwater. Bring your fly rod with you on a nature hike through our 62-acre wilderness and discover sparkling streams and lakes teeming with trout and salmon. Out on the ocean, you will have veteran Alaska fishing guides as your captains. They are not only experts at fishing, but also experts at making you feel at ease, regardless of how much or how little experience you have. Salmon, halibut, dungeness crab and shrimp are the primary targets when you are saltwater fishing at our Alaska lodge.

An ideal Alaska lodge experience can vary from person to person, but pretty much everyone likes to eat outstanding food, especially when it's prepared exclusively for them. Luxurious, elegant dining is offered at other Alaska lodges but once again, our small, intimate Alaska lodge setting is what separates Saltery Lodge from the rest of the pack. Our dining room is open to the kitchen so that you can see, hear and smell your food being prepared. Feel free to engage your private chef in conversations about anything from entrees to soups to desserts. Enjoy the freshest seafood you'll likely ever have by asking your chef to prepare your catch of the day that evening, a rare feature among Alaska resorts.

When you're here at our Alaska lodge, you will feel the stress of your everyday life evaporate into the clean Alaska air. Fish as much or as little as you want; explore the remnants of the cannery that preceded us to this off-the-road-system coastline; get lost in a novel or take an afternoon nap; your choices are almost limitless at Saltery Lodge. We are accessible only by boat or seaplane; however, if you want to do some shopping or sight-seeing, the unbelievable city of Ketchikan is only 25 miles away. There really is something for everyone in your family or group here at Saltery Lodge.

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