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Alaska Halibut Fishing

Alaska halibut fishing is made easy, fun and exciting at Saltery Lodge. Our licensed Coast Guard captains and fishing guides take every measure and precaution imaginable to ensure your Alaska halibut fishing trip is not only productive, but also safe. Fishing is not the only thing to do here. There's bear watching, sight-seeing boat excursions, hiking and wandering the streets of Ketchikan. We have more than 62 acres of variable terrain on our isolated patch of The Last Frontier, which includes the remains of the cannery and saltery that originally sat on this site.

Alaska halibut fishing is one of the most thrilling experiences one can have in the sport of angling. Along with salmon, halibut are the fish anglers in Alaska want to catch. They are enormous fish that can grow to hundreds of pounds. And, of course, they taste unbelievable! If you've never fished for halibut before, don't sweat it. Our guides love it when they can play the expert and show off their brilliant Alaska halibut fishing acumen.

An Alaska halibut fishing vacation probably doesn't conjure up images of high end dining in your head, but Saltery Lodge prides itself on its culinary classiness. Perhaps nowhere is this more evident than in our kitchen and dining room. When you sit down at the dining room table, windows looking out to the ocean on one side, the open kitchen on your other side, you might find yourself thinking, "This is a fishing lodge?" Then the food arrives. If you weren't already impressed, you surely will be when our Alaska-sized portions are set in front of you. If it's dinner, you will be served an appetizer, soup or salad, your entree and top it all off with one of our mouth-watering, hand-made desserts.

A lot of people take Alaska halibut fishing vacations. However, many of these folks will not get breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared specially for them, nor are they likely get coddled and pamper like you will here at Saltery Lodge. When we talk about the "Alaska Experience," we are obviously talking about a multitude of activities, sights, sounds and smells, wildlife, mountains...and on, and on. Ultimately, your Alaska Experience is unique to you. Saltery Lodge's friendly, professional staff can help you plan your Alaska halibut fishing (and much more) vacation dreams come true.

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