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Alaska Fly Fishing

Alaska fly fishing trips don't get much better than here at Saltery Lodge. We allow you to completely unwind and shake off the stress of everyday life. Our upscale, all-inclusive resort includes your own personal chef, veteran fishing guides and beautifully decorated and large guest rooms. By all means, bring the kids with you! All of our staff members are well-versed in ensuring that everyone in your family is entertained and has a great time.

There's a better than average chance that you're coming to The Last Frontier because you've heard, read or seen Alaska fly fishing stories. It probably goes without saying that fishing stories tend to be exaggerated a little bit. However, it's not an exaggeration to say that on and near our 62-acre property flows crystal clear rivers and streams filled with salmon and trout, including the famous Naha River. If you would like to venture out to even more remote Alaska fly fishing spots, we work with local pilots who can drop you in and bring you back from these untouched fly fishing locations.

If your Alaska fly fishing experience plan includes relaxation and stress relief, you will enjoy having all of your meals cooked by your own personal and professional chef. You can talk to your master chef while you eat because our kitchen is open to the dining room. Use your Alaska fly fishing vacation to indulge yourself in our extensive selection of gourmet meals. Then, you can truly pamper yourself by topping off your meals with our hand-made desserts.

Perhaps the worst part of your Alaska fly fishing experience is having it end. Perhaps the best part of your Alaska fly fishing experience here at Saltery Lodge is the memories. In fact, you will very likely begin planning your next Alaska fly fishing trip. The first and easiest decision you will make is to return to Saltery Lodge.

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