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Alaska Fishing Trips

Perhaps you've already been on one or more Alaska fishing trips. You might think that all fishing lodges are basically the same: small rooms, bland food and crowds of other vacationers stomping all over your peace and tranquility. Well, that is simply not the case here at Saltery Lodge; in fact, quite the opposite is true. As you can see on our website, our resort is small, compared to many others. We have just four rooms, each of them are large (our Master Suite is more than 1,000 sq. ft.) and contain a private bathroom, allowing us to cater to a maximum of eight people at one time. It's a private, intimate setting in which you can pamper yourself with all of our accommodations.

Alaska fishing trips, for most people, come with great expectations: tremendous scenery, huge fish and abundant wildlife. We here at Saltery Lodge are confident that we will be able to fulfill or surpass your expectations. Both saltwater and freshwater fishing are available. A short distance from the lodge's front door is several rivers and streams bursting with trout. Halibut, king salmon and pink salmon are just a few of the species you are likely to encounter if you choose to make saltwater fishing part of this and future Alaska fishing trips.

If you've been on some Alaska fishing trips before, you know that it can be hard, dirty and cold work. When you come in, you are going to be hungry and tired. That's where you'll really appreciate the gourmet food at Saltery Lodge. After a hot shower, mosey on into our warm and inviting dining room. It's open to the kitchen, so you can chat with your chef while he or she prepares your meal. The atmosphere and cuisine will make your Alaska fishing trips to Saltery Lodge unforgettable.

Alaska fishing trips usually don't just happen; they require a lot of logistical planning. The first step in your planning should be to check out one of our package deals, the premium and the diamond. They both include completely guided fishing excursions, gourmet meals and luxurious amenities. We're confident that once you experience Saltery Lodge, you'll want to return for all of your Alaska fishing trips.

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