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Alaska Fishing Charter

An Alaska fishing charter at Saltery Lodge offers you the ideal fishing vacation experience. Come and take advantage of our exclusive resort's private 62 acres of land, which can only be accessed via seaplane or boat. In addition to your Alaska fishing charter, you can book the whole lodge through our exclusive bookings or for smaller parties, we offer mixed booking options. Both choices reserve your spot at our intimate Alaska fishing charter and resort.

Saltery Lodge sits on a private patch of land on some of the best salmon and halibut fishing waters in the world. On our Alaska fishing charter, you will have professional, experienced and kid friendly guides, who are also U.S. Coast Guard licensed captains. Not only will your Alaska fishing charter captains guide you to their special fishing grounds, but they will also seek spots where wildlife viewing is the best. Our captains know that guiding our Alaska fishing charter means more than just catching fish; they patiently take care of the kids on board, setting you mind at ease.

Saltery Lodge serves up outstanding cuisine, which is prepared especially for you by your private chef. So, when you dock your Alaska fishing charter boat, you can look forward to some of the best food you will find at any resort. We also offer you the option to choose your own menu in advance from our comprehensive selection. Your professional chef enjoys talking food, so take advantage of the fact that the kitchen is open to the dining room.

Alaska is meant to be experienced outdoors; so book your Alaska fishing charter at Saltery Lodge and you will not regret it. Here you can explore the historical remains of the cannery that first lived here. Discover the 40-foot waterfall hidden among our 62 acres of wilderness Alaska fishing charter resorts are easy to find; however, you will search far and wide before you find a luxury resort that has all of the options we provide.

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