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Alaska Adventure Tours

Alaska adventure tours at Saltery Lodge are an all-inclusive resort. Our small lodge allows us to give you personalized service, such as providing you with your own personal chef to prepare your meals just the way you like them. Let's face it: you might only get one chance to go to Alaska. Make it count. The amount of things to do and see at Saltery Lodge are practically limitless. Saltwater fishing excursions is only one of them. After all, most folks seek to include new experiences in their Alaska adventure tours. Of course, if you want to just hang out on the dock and watch the surf come in, you can do that too.

Of course, Alaska adventure tours for most of the people who come to Saltery Lodge means fishing. Our professional, experienced saltwater fishing guides will take you out in search of pink, silver and king salmon, as well as halibut and other bottom fish. Saltery Lodge's Alaska adventure tours include a feature that not all Alaska adventure tours can offer: freshwater fishing. Even though we are only about 25 miles from the bustling port town of Ketchikan, our 62 private acres of Alaskan wilderness is only accessible by float plane or boat, and contains trout streams, the remnants of an old cannery and tons more to explore and discover.

We know that Alaska adventure tours can be tiring as well as exciting; however, at Saltery Lodge, it can also be filling! Our chef becomes your own private chef for your time with us, preparing your favorites for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Chances are you'll even get to know your chef personally. The dining room and kitchen are open to each other, allowing you and whoever's on one of your Alaska adventure tours to converse with your chef.

Many of the folks who have been on Alaska adventure tours before talk about the "Alaska experience." The term experience, as it's used in this context, can mean vastly different things to different people. So, we here at Saltery Lodge strive to take the guesswork out of it and offer as much of the experience -- whatever that might be for you and your family or group -- as we possibly can. Take a nature hike in our 62-acre wilderness. Bring along your fly rod or spinning rod and reel and wet a line in one of our clear mountain streams. Take short boat ride to Ketchikan for some shopping or sight-seeing. There really is something for everyone here at Saltery Lodge!

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