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Sea Lions

Sea Lions on the rocks. Taken near Ketchikan, Alaska.


Sea Lions on the rocks.  Taken near Ketchikan, Alaska.

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The waterfall captured with a 20 second exposure.
Our Waterfall - Long Exposure

Carrying the chum salmon to the processing area.
Big Load

These deer are curious about the eagle.  This was taken from our property at Saltery Lodge in Alaska.
Three deer and an Eagle

Lodge with our Boats
Lodge with our Boats

Sheer granite walls surround the lake with hundreds of waterfalls around.
Walker Lake in southeast Alaska

Fall Blooming Flower
Fall Blooming Flower

Anan Creek is a fantastic bear viewing operation run by the Forest Service.  Entrances are limited.
Anan Creek Entrance

Multiple shooting stars cruise through the night sky.
Shooting Stars

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