Alaska fishing Left

Killer Whales in southeast Alaska

Fun to see, except when you are fishing for salmon!


Fun to see, except when you are fishing for salmon!

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Oven roasted wild mushrooms, creamy polenta, and caramelized shallot and red wine sauce on New York strip steak.  Prepared by our gourmet chef at Saltery Lodge in Alaska.
New York Strip Steak

Our fishing vessel Linnaea.

Abandoned on the beach many years ago.
Old Steam Tug

Jeff and Sean
Jeff and Sean

Our lodge dog, Jake, having fun fetching sticks.  He lost his leg in an accidental fall in 2008.  We don't tell him though, he still does everything the same as before.
Jake having fun

The ride out to the lodge is very scenic, near Ketchikan, Alaska.
Clover Pass in southeast Alaska

Beaver Taking Off
Beaver Taking Off

Taking a load of fish from a seiner in Neets Bay, Alaska.
Lynda receiving salmon from seiner.

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