Alaska fishing Left

Hummingbird Flock!

Hummingbird Flock!


Hummingbird Flock!

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Well after the sun had set.  This is about a 30 second exposure.
Time Lapse Sunset

A wonderful gradient sunset on a clear night.
Gradient Sunset

Indian paintbrush in bloom in front of the lodge. This was taken from our property at Saltery Lodge in southeast Alaska.
Indian Paintbrush

View of the Cannery from Dogfish Island. Ship 'William H. Macy' at the Cannery Dock
Dogfish Island and the Loring Cannery.

Dillon with Scrimp Earring
Dillon with Scrimp Earring

Cessna from Misty Fjords Air Landing
Cessna Landing

Jake Retrieving a Stick
Jake Retrieving a Stick

The Milky Way galaxy in the background of moving stars.
Star Trails in Milky Way

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