Alaska fishing Left

Hummingbirds in Hand

Hummingbirds in Hand


Hummingbirds in Hand

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The backyard at Saltery Lodge, southeast Alaska.

The swing is a hit with kids at the lodge.
The Buoy Swing

What a thrill!  This little guy laps up the nectar from hand while his hummingbird friend waits his turn.  Check out our video section for videos of this amazing event.
Handfeeding Hummingbird

Another great sunset as viewed from Saltery Lodge.
Sunset at Saltery Lodge

Jake saw a dog shark swimming in the shallows and went to "retrieve" it!
Dog vs Shark

Jesse running his sailboat out in front of Saltery Lodge in Alaska.
Jesse Osborne Sailing

Picking us up from Thorne Arm in Alaska after a great day of fishing silver salmon from the river.
Taquan Air

Fire Explosion
Fire Explosion

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