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Mountain Goats

Mountain Goats in the Misty Fjords


Mountain Goats in the Misty Fjords

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Sunset at the Saltery Lodge in Alaska.
Sunset at the Lodge

When some trees were logged over a century ago to construct the cannery, some stumps still show the springboard cuts that were made. This was taken from our property at Saltery Lodge in Alaska.
Springboard cuts

Bear grabbing a salmon out of a river near Ketchikan.
Bear fishing for Salmon

A cold winter day has the gulls huddled close together.
Gulls Sitting in a Row

Multiple shooting stars cruise through the night sky.
Shooting Stars

Ocean Rivers, or tidal races occur when the tide is forced through a narrow opening.
Ocean River in southeast Alaska

An Eagle soaring through the trees.
Soaring Eagle Totem Pole

Seagull feather in a light breeze.
Seagull Feather

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