Alaska fishing Left

Eagle about to eat Herring

Eagle about to eat Herring


Eagle about to eat Herring

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Three deer playing at the end of the shadows. This was taken from our property at Saltery Lodge in southeast Alaska.
Three deer in southeast Alaska

Steak Sandwich. Prepared by our gourmet chef at Saltery Lodge in Alaska.
Steak Sandwich

Some low clouds just behind the lodge at the golden hour.  Picture taken at Saltery Lodge, southeast Alaska.
Misty backdrop of Saltery Lodge

Place Setting at Saltery Lodge's dining room in Alaska.
Place Setting

Ketchikan, Alaska from the water on a sunny day.
Ketchikan Waterfront

Glowing sparks leave complex trails in the night.
Spark Trails

Running the skiff at the lodge.

Vinca Flower
Vinca Flower

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