Alaska fishing Left

Sunset Mist

Alaskan sunset from the lodge.


Alaskan sunset from the lodge.

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The final night of shooting with North to Alaska TV series.  The weather could not have been any better.
Sunset of the Final Night

Mammoth Tusk Bear Detail

Fishing vessel for Saltery Lodge in Alaska.
Sarana at Dock

These two whales were feeding in the winter time.
Two Whales Feeding

Ocean Rivers, or tidal races occur when the tide is forced through a narrow opening.
Ocean River in southeast Alaska

Seagull feather in a light breeze.
Seagull Feather

Ketchikan Cruise Dock
Ketchikan Cruise Dock

The "touristy area" of Ketchikan, Alaska with Deer Mountain in the background.
Downtown Ketchikan

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