Alaska fishing Left

Saltery Lodge's Linnaea

One of our boats, the Linnaea, showing guests a good time.


One of our boats, the Linnaea, showing guests a good time.

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North to Alaska with Larry Csonka filmed 2 episodes at Saltery Lodge in 2009.  Larry Csonka seen here with Audrey Bradshaw.
Larry Csonka and Audrey Bradshaw

We call this the fish bedroom.  All the rooms were professionally decorated and designed.  We have many custom pieces of art at Saltery Lodge in southeast Alaska.
Bedroom 1 - Fish Bedroom (w/Queen)

Nice halibut!
Nice halibut!

Saltery Lodge in Ketchikan, Alaska, as viewed from the air.
Aerial of Saltery Lodge

John vs Octopus
John vs Octopus

The foreground is painted by the lights from inside the lodge.  The distance is painted by the moon.
Painted Moonlight

Dave Doyon at Saltery Lodge with their new turbine Otter
Misty Fjords Air at the Lodge

Saltery Lodge in the moonlight
Moonlight Lodge

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