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Whales Feeding on Herring.  This is called Bubble Netting.
Whales Feeding on Herring

While I was filming the hummingbirds with my new camera, several hummingbirds were attracted to the red strap on the camera.  So I got some nectar and put it in my hand, and voila!
Hand Feeding Hummingbird

Spire on the Creek
Spire on the Creek

Soaring eagle is looking for his next meal.
Majestic Eagle

An Eagle soaring through the trees.
Soaring Eagle Totem Pole

Dillon with Scrimp Earring
Dillon with Scrimp Earring

Scenes from the Misty Fjords National Monument.  A great optional flight seeing trip a short distance from the lodge.
Misty Fjords

Moonlight Pilings reflected in the water in this long exposure picture.
Moonrise over Water

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