Alaska fishing Left

Bucket of Shrimp

Some shrimp we pulled up that day at Saltery Lodge in Alaska.


Some shrimp we pulled up that day at Saltery Lodge in Alaska.

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Celebrating aviation influences on Ketchikan, vintage 1950.    All the rooms were professionally decorated and designed.  We have many custom pieces of art at Saltery Lodge in southeast Alaska.
Bedroom 3 - Aviation (w/Queen)

Mountain Goats in the Misty Fjords
Mountain Goats

Saltery Lodge waiting out the winter until Summer brings excitement and adventure.
Saltery Lodge Winter

Some low clouds just behind the lodge at the golden hour.  Picture taken at Saltery Lodge, southeast Alaska.
Misty backdrop of Saltery Lodge

Winter Berries
Winter Berries

Jake's hard fought shark that he dragged out of the water.
Jake caught a shark!

JR meeting a sunstar up close at the beach at Saltery Lodge, Alaska.

Four Legged Jake Jumping off Dock

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