Alaska fishing Left

Cleaning Shrimp

Everyone gets into the fun at Saltery Lodge in Alaska.


Everyone gets into the fun at Saltery Lodge in Alaska.

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This bedroom features part of the culture of the native Alaskans.   All the rooms were professionally decorated and designed.  We have many custom pieces of art at Saltery Lodge in southeast Alaska.
Bedroom 2 - Native Alaskan

Taking a break from pulling crab near Ketchikan, Alaska.
John and Shawna

The outer dock has been pulled out for the winter.
Dock and Pier

Lodge with our Boats
Lodge with our Boats

Scenes from the Misty Fjords National Monument.  A great optional flight seeing trip a short distance from the lodge.
Misty Fjords

Multiple shooting stars cruise through the night sky.
Shooting Stars

This rock shows some amazing color patterns hidden under the water.
Painted Rocks

Our lodge dog, Jake, having fun.  He lost his leg in an accidental fall in 2008.  We don't tell him though, he still does everything the same as before.
Jake going for a swim

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