Alaska fishing Left


Tom with his "scrimp" earring caught while shrimping at Saltery Lodge, Alaska.


Tom with his

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Two whales feeding on krill in the winter.
Two Whales Feeding

Two humpback whales heading right for us.  These are large and magnificent creatures.
Humpback Whale Tail

Seals basking in the sun.
Seals Basking

A bear cub about 30 feet up in a tree near Ketchikan, Alaska.
Bear Cub in Tree

Eagle carved by Nathan Jackson
Eagle carved by Nathan Jackson

Jesse running his sailboat out in front of Saltery Lodge in Alaska.
Jesse Osborne Sailing

Some flares had been sighted the night before and the Coast Guard landed at our property in Alaska to ask us if we had seen them.
Winter Jayhawk Helicopter

Moonrise on the Water
Moonrise on the Water

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