Alaska fishing Left

Smoking Stick

Milky Way Galaxy at Beach


Milky Way Galaxy at Beach

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North to Alaska with Larry Csonka filmed 2 episodes at Saltery Lodge in 2009.  Larry Csonka seen here with Audrey Bradshaw.
Larry Csonka and Audrey Bradshaw

Scott Kemp holding a nice cutthroat trout.
Nice Cutthroat Trout

Audrey Bradshaw with the North to Alaska Television show showing her fly fishing skills.  They shot two episodes at Saltery Lodge in 2009.
Audrey Bradshaw Hooked Up

Hummingbird Flock!
Hummingbird Flock!

Beaver Fishing Trip
Beaver Fishing Trip

Many totem poles can be found in Ketchikan, Alaska.
Totem in southeast Alaska

This old barge was abandoned some time ago.  This shot was taken in the dead of winter.
Old Barge HDR Photo

Saltery Lodge in the moonlight
Moonlight Lodge

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