Alaska fishing Left

The Milky Way at Saltery Lodge

The Milky Way Galaxy off the pier at Saltery Lodge.


The Milky Way Galaxy off the pier at Saltery Lodge.

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Barrett Madison with teamed up with Saltery Lodge for some great late season rainbow trout action.
Nice Rainbow

Additional sitting room that is part of the master suite.  Private sofa and large flat screen LCD as well as custom art designed by your host.
Master Suite Sitting Room

Holding up a nice set of Silver Salmon
Nice Silvers

A black bear eating a freshly caught pink salmon.
Bear eating catch

Moss covered logs at the log jam.

Our waterfall as viewed at the dead of night.  I used a flashlight to "light paint" the near field for a couple seconds during a long 6 minute exposure.
Winter Waterfall at Night

Many totem poles can be found in Ketchikan, Alaska.
Totem in southeast Alaska

Naha Bay at Moonlight
Naha Bay at Moonlight

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