Alaska fishing Left

Hermit Crab

Hermit Crab


Hermit Crab

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Saltery Lodge waiting out the winter until Summer brings excitement and adventure.
Saltery Lodge Winter

A bear cub about 30 feet up in a tree near Ketchikan, Alaska.
Bear Cub in Tree

Additional sitting room that is part of the master suite.  Private sofa and large flat screen LCD as well as custom art designed by your host.
Master Suite Sitting Room

Kayaks are fun for everyone!
Kayaking at Saltery Lodge

Jake saw a dog shark swimming in the shallows and went to "retrieve" it!
Dog vs Shark

Ketchikan Cruise Dock
Ketchikan Cruise Dock

Seagull feather in a light breeze.
Seagull Feather

Beautiful Rotary beach is only three miles south of Ketchikan, Alaska.  It is a wonderful place for beach combing.
Rotary Beach

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