Alaska fishing Left

Salmon berry Flower

Salmon berry Flower


Salmon berry Flower

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North to Alaska with Larry Csonka filmed 2 episodes at Saltery Lodge in 2009.  Audrey Bradshaw seen here with Angela, the host, relaxing.
Relaxing with Audrey Bradshaw

While I was filming the hummingbirds with my new camera, several hummingbirds were attracted to the red strap on the camera.  So I got some nectar and put it in my hand, and voila!
Hand Feeding Hummingbird

Spire on the Creek
Spire on the Creek

One of the old boilers from the cannery is visible from the beach. This was taken from our property at Saltery Lodge in southeast Alaska.
Tidal Flats

Taquan Air picking the guests up from a boat
Taquan Air

Cessna from Misty Fjords Air Landing
Cessna Landing

Landing at the Saltery Lodge beach in Alaska.
Hughes 500 Landing

Some flares had been sighted the night before and the Coast Guard landed at our property in Alaska to ask us if we had seen them.  Beautiful snow backdrop.
Winter Jayhawk Helicopter

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