Alaska fishing Left

Egg Cluster

Eggs not much bigger than grains of sand.


Eggs not much bigger than grains of sand.

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Ravens are not Black!
Ravens are not Black!

Barrett Madison with teamed up with Saltery Lodge for some great late season rainbow trout action.
Barrett with a nice Rainbow

North to Alaska with Larry Csonka filmed 2 episodes at Saltery Lodge in 2009.  Larry Csonka seen here with Audrey Bradshaw.
Larry Csonka and Audrey Bradshaw

Hummingbirds on little fingers.
Tame hummingbirds

The Roedda coming into Saltery Lodge with a load of furniture.

An Eagle soaring through the trees.
Soaring Eagle Totem Pole

The end of a log, eroded by years of rainfall and creek water.

Little Jake at the kennel.
Little Jake

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