Alaska fishing Left

Master Suite vanity

The vanity for the master suite.


The vanity for the master suite.

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The sun setting past Donelley point in December.  This was taken from our property at Saltery Lodge in southeast Alaska.  The snow was about two feet thick.
Winter Sunset

Humming birds on little fingers.
Tame little birds

Soaring eagle is looking for his next meal.
Majestic Eagle

Good silver fishing in September minutes from the lodge. Great fishing at Saltery Lodge, southeast Alaska.
Jim and Bob

Landing at the Saltery Lodge beach in Alaska.
Hughes 500 Landing

Little Jake at the kennel.
Little Jake

Fire Explosion
Fire Explosion

Our lodge dog, Jake, having fun.  He lost his leg in an accidental fall in 2008.  We don't tell him though, he still does everything the same as before.
Jake going for a swim

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