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Aerial of Saltery Lodge

Saltery Lodge in Ketchikan, Alaska, as viewed from the air.


Saltery Lodge in Ketchikan, Alaska, as viewed from the air.

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Enjoying the waterfall at Saltery Lodge's property near Ketchikan, Alaska.
Adults and Kids

Con Gieble photo - Donor: Dixie Baade, THS  The seines are laid out around a school of salmon Then gradually the ends are brought together and the net is taken in until the fish are drawn together in a sort of purse from which they are hauled aboard the seine boats.
Hand seining at Loring, 1909

John at the Helm
John at the Helm

Predicting Rain.
Blue Heron predicting the Weather.

Scenes from the Misty Fjords National Monument.  A great optional flight seeing trip a short distance from the lodge.
Misty Fjords

This mountain top provides many of the radio facilities for the city of Ketchikan. Temsco helicopters provides many services for repairing and maintaining these systems.
Temsco Helicopter on Mountain Top

Close up view of the eye of an Alaskan prawn.  The eye is about the size of a pea.
Eye of an Alaskan Prawn

Fire explodes with sparks.
Spark Particles

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