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Totem in southeast Alaska

Many totem poles can be found in Ketchikan, Alaska.


Many totem poles can be found in Ketchikan, Alaska.

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Steve McNabb cooking at Saltery Lodge, Alaska.
Our Chef

Larry Csonka, the host of the North to Alaska television series shown fishing for Halibut.   "ZONK" was great to work!
The ZONK fishing for Halibut.

Miller Group fishing halibut, crabs and shrimp.  A great day on the water!
Halibut Fishing in Alaska.

Miller group on Linnaea
Miller group on Linnaea

Three legged jake showing off to writer Chris Schaffer.
Three Legged Jake Showing Off

Tall Dead Tree
Tall Dead Tree

The end of a log, eroded by years of rainfall and creek water.

Picking us up from Thorne Arm in Alaska after a great day of fishing silver salmon from the river.
Taquan Air DeHavilland DHC-2 Beaver

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