Alaska fishing Left

Dog vs Shark

Jake saw a dog shark swimming in the shallows and went to "retrieve" it!


Jake saw a dog shark swimming in the shallows and went to

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Seals basking in the sun.
Seals Basking

Great Room
Great Room

While I was filming the hummingbirds with my new camera, several hummingbirds were attracted to the red strap on the camera.  So I got some nectar and put it in my hand, and voila!
Hand Feeding Hummingbird

We call this the fish bedroom.  All the rooms were professionally decorated and designed.  We have many custom pieces of art at Saltery Lodge in southeast Alaska.
Bedroom 1 - Fish Bedroom (w/Queen)

Pulling in some monster crab.  The crew of Saltery Lodge taking a break.
Steve, JR and Tom

Three legged jake showing off to writer Chris Schaffer.
Three Legged Jake Showing Off

Anan Creek is a fantastic bear viewing operation run by the Forest Service.  Entrances are limited.
Anan Creek Entrance

Taquan Air picking the guests up from a boat
Taquan Air

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