Alaska fishing Left

Sean and Salmon

Sean and Salmon


Sean and Salmon

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Orange scented sponge cake, raspberry jam, Italian butter cream, fresh nectarines.  Prepared by our gourmet chef at Saltery Lodge in Alaska.
Raspberry sponge cake

One of the old boilers from the cannery is visible from the beach. This was taken from our property at Saltery Lodge in southeast Alaska.
Tidal Flats

Barrett Mattison with posing for a timed exposure.
Fly Fishing Time Exposure

Our Master Suite with 20ft ceilings and 1,000 sq ft of room.
Master Suite with Whale

Bear Bread grows on rotting trees.
Bear Bread

Dave Doyon at Saltery Lodge with their new turbine Otter
Misty Fjords Air at the Lodge

A beautiful old vessel in great shape!
Stimson 1914

Picking us up from Thorne Arm in Alaska after a great day of fishing silver salmon from the river.
Taquan Air

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