Alaska fishing Left

Sean and Dungeness

Sean and Dungeness


Sean and Dungeness

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Dining Room Ready for Service.  North to Alaska television show shot 2 episodes at Saltery Lodge in 2009.
Dining Room for Csonka

Con Gieble photo - Donor: Dixie Baade, THS  The seines are laid out around a school of salmon Then gradually the ends are brought together and the net is taken in until the fish are drawn together in a sort of purse from which they are hauled aboard the seine boats.
Hand seining at Loring, 1909

Saltery Lodge in southeast Alaska, as viewed from the water.
Saltery Lodge

Additional sitting room that is part of the master suite.  Private sofa and large flat screen LCD as well as custom art designed by your host.
Master Suite Sitting Room

Winter Berries
Winter Berries

The end of a log, eroded by years of rainfall and creek water.

Four Legged Jake Jumping off Dock

Eggs not much bigger than grains of sand.
Egg Cluster

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